Thursday, 11 April 2013

New! Doctor who Review: S07 EP07 The Rings of Akhaten!

  So, a few nights ago I saw this episode and what can I say? I LOVE this episode! Far by, my most favourite episode on season 7!

  'Rose Tyler went to the year five billion to witness the decommissioning of Earth, Marth Jones helped Shakespeare writer's block, and Amy got to dangle into space by her leg', well Clara's first trip in the TARDIS was beyond amazing. Unlike, the other companions she got to fight a alien-demon-parasite-god.
"You like to think you're a god. You're not a god, you're a parasite, full of jealously and envy and longing for the lives of others"
 Well lately, the Doctor had been trying new transpiration these days! Last week, with the motorbike, and now a space moped.
One thing I love about this episode is the quotes, and the soundtrack!
"What I would like to see is... somthin' awesome!"
"What I love about this episode is the quotes, and the soundtrack! 

"What I would like to see is... somthin' awesome!"

"Well? Come on then. Eat up. You're full? I expect so. Because there's quite a difference between what was and what should have been. There's an awful lot of one but there's an infinity of the other. An infinity is too much, even for your appetite."

"Still hungry? Well I've brought something for you. This. The most important leaf in human history. The most important leaf in human history! It's full of stories, full of history. Full of a future that never got lived, days that should have been but never were. Passed onto me. This leaf isn't just the past, it's a whole future that never happened. There are millions and millions of unlived days but every day we live an infinity. All the days that never came, and these were my mum's"

 The soundtrack of this episode was AMAZING the song Merry sang was absolutely astonishing! It had a wonderful melody. I hope the soundtrack of this episode comes out soon! In this episode there wasn't much hints, I could get out of this, but at least we know what 'page 1' means. 

 In this episode, Clara was brave, and cunning! She came and rescued the Doctor, and sacrificed her ring, and the leaf showing true acts of a perfect companion, and hero, which was absolutely brilliant! Something that really bothered me, was the scene when the Doctor disappeared, and Clara found Merry. My question is; where was the Doctor then? 

 Although at the end, It truly just crushed my heart </3. I was like, 'Clara y u no go with Doctor?!?'. So, in the end Clara was independent was not too sure, to be his full-companion. Then, I was thinking, why didn't the Doctor tell her it was actually her?? Grr! I guess I will have to wait later on...  

Overall, this episode earned 4.5/5. I am absolutely looking forward to seeing the next episode, and surely Clara will be his full time companion. Have a peachy day! 

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