Friday, 14 June 2013

Movie Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness, Man of Steel*, Iron man 3, and more!

    Wow! I haven't been on in a while because of recent events, but I during the long period of time that I didn't post in, I've watched several movies, read teen-girly books, and currently reading sci-fi, fantasy novels.

    I have watched Iron man 3, Star Trek: Into the Darkness, The Internship, Now you see me, The Host, soon-to-be-watched: Man of Steel tomorrow, yay!

    Well just to point out my movie reviews won't be very long, but it will be brief.  And I was supposed to watch After Earth, 3 or 2 weeks ago? I decided to no watch that in theaters maybe, because of the really, REALLY bad reviews they got. So, I'm trusting the critics!
Anyway, here I go! ( **Oops! Reviews may contain spoilers!** )

Iron man 3:

This movie deserved a 5.4 out of 10 stars. I am no professional critic, but it's just my personal opinion. To start off, it was predictable, but I didn't know what to expect from Iron man. I wasn't really surprised for the movie to be predictable. Anyway, it was boring! The concept where they find out the Mandarin wasn't really the Mandarin! ( Okay, maybe the movie was predictable after that point ). I think they could of improved this movie by actually maybe following the comic a teensy bit, where the Mandarin was all those cool, awesome rings! Personally speaking, Iron man is my least, least, LEAST favorite superhero! Maybe that's why I didn't enjoy the movie as much. Overall, it was meh.

Star Trek: Into the Darkness:

Okay now this is the movie I was waiting for, FOR WEEKS!! It was EXTRAORDINARY, and FANTASTIC!! My ratings: 9.7 out of 10 stars! This movie may have some tiny flaws...
1. I really recommend that you watch the first movie before hand. The people sitting around me in the theater, was lost. For example: a couple sitting in front of me: the woman was like this to her boyfriend. Movie scene: Kirk in the behind the glass, with the hazardous fumes, thingy. Woman: Is this how Kirk loses all his hair?
Me: *double face palm*

_____2. LENS FLARES!! Everywhere, just everywhere! Makes me sick! How can you even see? They added way, way, way too many lens flares, they really need to improve on it!

Those were just the tiny flaws they had, but it was terrific movie! One major thing I was looking forward in the move. 2 words: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!! I was fangirling one I found out he was going to be in it!! There was one part where Spock and Benedict were fighting, and I didn't know which side to cheer for! He was AMAZING in that movie! In conclusion, Star Trek: Into the Darkness was excellent! And I am totally looking forward to watching the next movie!

{ I am going to end this post for now, it took longer than I expected! Maybe, I'll continue tomorrow? }


Thursday, 18 April 2013

New! BBC Sherlock Holmes returning??

  Yes, yes it's true! Sherlock Holmes is returning! Season 3 will air on November 24, 2013! It's kinda a coincidence that it just airs right after the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary! Well, I will be very very busy and excited in late November! 
  These are some photos of shooting season 3! I always believed in Sherlock! I am so so happy that Sherlock Holmes is finally returning after that extremely long wait! 
  One big question I'm thinking is HOW? Im guessing it has something to do with Molly! I remember Sherlock told Molly to do something very important for him, it was probably to make a fake body like him to fake his death! Well, one thing is for sure, Sherlock works in mysterious ways. I wonder how the reaction John is going to make. Is he going to be mad that Sherlock faked his death and lied to him, or is he going to be happy that he's back?  It's just so touching how Sherlock did it just for his friends! I remember he didn't have any friends and he finally found his true friends. Wow, it sound awfully a lot like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! I am very extremely joyful that it finally returned! Especially right after the Doctor Who Special, i am defiantly looking forward to this.

New! Latest Details about DW 50th Anniversary!


 Here's upcoming news about the 50th Anniversary special! The 50th Anniversary will air on November 23, 2013! Rumours have it Christopher Ecceleston will be returning, as well as David Tennant, and Billie Piper! 

  David Tennant, and Matt Smith filming the 50th Anniversary! Also, see that red circle, circling that alien? That's the alien featuring in the Anniversary special. Incase, you haven't read my other post about the 50th Anniversary. That's the Zygons, they are from the old series of Doctor who.
Spoiler Alert! 
This is the quote Christopher Ecceleston will be saying in the Special, I'm guessing he's talking about those Zygons. 

That's all the latest details I have for now! Keep in touch with my few posts about Sherlock Holmes S03 returning, and my review on Orphan Black! 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

New! Doctor who Review: S07 EP07 The Rings of Akhaten!

  So, a few nights ago I saw this episode and what can I say? I LOVE this episode! Far by, my most favourite episode on season 7!

  'Rose Tyler went to the year five billion to witness the decommissioning of Earth, Marth Jones helped Shakespeare writer's block, and Amy got to dangle into space by her leg', well Clara's first trip in the TARDIS was beyond amazing. Unlike, the other companions she got to fight a alien-demon-parasite-god.
"You like to think you're a god. You're not a god, you're a parasite, full of jealously and envy and longing for the lives of others"
 Well lately, the Doctor had been trying new transpiration these days! Last week, with the motorbike, and now a space moped.
One thing I love about this episode is the quotes, and the soundtrack!
"What I would like to see is... somthin' awesome!"
"What I love about this episode is the quotes, and the soundtrack! 

"What I would like to see is... somthin' awesome!"

"Well? Come on then. Eat up. You're full? I expect so. Because there's quite a difference between what was and what should have been. There's an awful lot of one but there's an infinity of the other. An infinity is too much, even for your appetite."

"Still hungry? Well I've brought something for you. This. The most important leaf in human history. The most important leaf in human history! It's full of stories, full of history. Full of a future that never got lived, days that should have been but never were. Passed onto me. This leaf isn't just the past, it's a whole future that never happened. There are millions and millions of unlived days but every day we live an infinity. All the days that never came, and these were my mum's"

 The soundtrack of this episode was AMAZING the song Merry sang was absolutely astonishing! It had a wonderful melody. I hope the soundtrack of this episode comes out soon! In this episode there wasn't much hints, I could get out of this, but at least we know what 'page 1' means. 

 In this episode, Clara was brave, and cunning! She came and rescued the Doctor, and sacrificed her ring, and the leaf showing true acts of a perfect companion, and hero, which was absolutely brilliant! Something that really bothered me, was the scene when the Doctor disappeared, and Clara found Merry. My question is; where was the Doctor then? 

 Although at the end, It truly just crushed my heart </3. I was like, 'Clara y u no go with Doctor?!?'. So, in the end Clara was independent was not too sure, to be his full-companion. Then, I was thinking, why didn't the Doctor tell her it was actually her?? Grr! I guess I will have to wait later on...  

Overall, this episode earned 4.5/5. I am absolutely looking forward to seeing the next episode, and surely Clara will be his full time companion. Have a peachy day! 

(( Sorry for the late post! Don't forget to check this blog again to see my new, awesome, favourite show by BBC 'Orphanage Black' ))

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Tenth and Rose Tyler!

  Oh my, my where do I even start!? Okay, I absolutely love, love, love Rose and Tenth together, they are so lovely together and make the best companion and Doctor together!! They are my favourite but I can't tell which is actually my favourite Clara and Eleventh, or Rose and Tenth??? Wahh! I'll post that in a few post when I write about Clara and Eleventh...

  Now let's get to this! My favourite episode is  S02 EP12/EP13 Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday. The reason I chose only one episode was I just have so much to say about that one episode, also I have a lot to say about Tenth, as well as Rose.

  S02 EP12/EP13 Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday I have to say this is a AMAZING, heart-breaking episode, write by Russell T. Davies. This episode was about unexpectedly return, and invasion of the Daleks, and Cybermen. So basically, the Daleks, and Cybermen were have a BIG war between them. There was this really hilarious part, when the Daleks dissed the Cybermen so hard, I just LOLed so much!
(( Dalek )) "You are only superior of us in one way respect, dying" 

Okay, okay I'm just going to end this post because I've been like raging, I mean raging!! Because I just finished this super-long post, saved it, then my Mac just restarted, and when I go to the drafts it's just not there!! Ughh!! I'm so crossed!! >.< It took me two days to write that, TWO WHOLE DAYS! I'll finish this later... Hopefully. Be sure to check back to this blog for my next post about the latest Doctor who episode ( S07 EP07 The rings of Akhaten ), and one of my new favourite TV show, made by BBC. Laters

Friday, 5 April 2013

Check out this EXTRAORDINARY bookworm blog!

This my favourite blog! Make sure to check it out of you like girly, awesome, supernatural, adventure, books! She's also my best friend, and doing the A to Z challenge!  Click here to go check it out!
Keep in touch I will be posting my review on tenth and Rose and my favourite episode with them. 

Ninth with Rose!

Honestly, the ninth Doctor wasn't always my favourite Doctor but, I still thinks he deserves credit!

My most favourite episodes with the ninth Doctor is S01 EP06 Dalek, and S01 EP09/EP10 The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances.

S01 EP06 Dalek- With the return of the arch-enemy of the time lords, Daleks I was very touched with this episode. After seeing the abuse, of the Dalek I realized, Daleks are most the adorable aliens in the Galaxy! It was a great introduction of the Daleks, which can make any person absolutely have great fond of the Daleks. The part which really emotional was when, the Dalek realized they were the last 2 of their kind, and when the Dalek had actually true emotions. It was truly heart-breaking with the death of this Dalek. Truly a unforgettable episode.

S01 EP09/EP10 The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances- To be honest this episode really freaked me out, but had a touchy meaning. The freaking part was the scene at the hospital with all the people in a coma, and every part when this creepy kid kept following them... There was also another part which gave me chills up my spine, this part was when ( forgot this kid's name ) was typing on a typewriter, and they didn't even noticed he was gone, typing "Mummy? Where is my Mummy? Are you my Mummy...". This episode was absolutely fantastic! The meaningful moral at the end was a great touch! Every person should have a little love, and know who they are. Very touching..

What I liked mostly about the ninth Doctor was not only those episodes, but his sense of clothing! Most Doctors will wear something like a old grandpa would wear. Unexpectedly, the writers took the Doctor's outfit to a new look. I absolutely love the rebel, bad-boy style, with the leather jacket, and jeans. Although, I think the style of his clothing did not go well with the TARDIS theme kinda. However! It was nice the writers had a changed.

Now moving on to Rose. Rose Tyler the defender of Earth... I love Rose personally! This paring with ninth and Rose wasn't really my favourite... I would actually prefer Rose with Tennant, and Martha with Ninth. Well I will actually talk about that in my next post. Rose was very clever, smart, pretty, she was just your average woman with nothing to do after high school . Until she met the Doctor. What I really liked about Rose was she didn't react franticly unlike Donna, or Clara. She very easy going, funny, with a bright personality! Although she could need a little more spunk like Clara! Meanwhile Rose's boyfriend, Mickey was absolutely the WORST, ANNOYING boyfriend ever! Ugh i just wanted him to disappear! Well not really, I just wanted him to break up with Rose, he was funny ( in a dumbfounded way ) To begin with, he was a scared, and acting like a baby! I just love this quote from him this makes me LOL so much! It went something like this I don't really remember It's him!It's the Doctor! I'ts always the Doctor! It's never me!

To put in briefly this my thoughts about the ninth Doctor with his companion Rose Tyler. My next post will most likely be about the Tenth and Rose. ^_^ Enjoy! Only 1 more day until a new Doctor who episode!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fun Fact about Sherlock and the Hobbit!

Fun Fact:

Bilbo Baggins is Watson from Sherlock!!! MINDBLOWN. Never noticed before! 


EXTERMINATE!! (( cute photo ))

Dedicated to all those Wholocks! Have a fantastic evening everyone! 

NEW! Doctor who S07 EP07! The Rings of Akhaten

I can't wait to watch this episode!! It's coming out this Saturday @ 8:00 ( EST )!

I watched the trailer might I say this episode looks EPIC as any ordinary episode! Now back to the image of this episode, it's strange how Clara is holding the leaf. Maybe in this episode it will reveal 'page 1' means.

Now if you look close to a certain part on the trailer you'll see Matt Smith regenerating!! Wahh!! I don't want him to go! Just when he was my favourite Doctor with Clara! I just don't want to see another Doctor with Clara! T.T
Well, the question I'm thinking is who is going to be the next Doctor?!? (( If he does regenerate )) 
Rumours have it that the next Doctor is going to be a woman! I hope it's not true. I hope the next regeneration is going to be the best Doctor ever!! That's all for now! ^_^ 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Attention all Liars!! PLL spin-off!

Hello Liars! For those who are majorly obsessed with Pretty little Liars here's good news for you!

ABC Family has ordered 'Pretty little liars' spin-off! It's called 'Ravenswood'. Has a creepy tune to it right? Well this is about a town that's been cursed for generations! Five strangers find themselves connected to the curse and they try to solve the town's mystery, as well as it's history before it's too late for them! Sounds really interesting, maybe even more interesting than PLL. Ravenswood will air in fall near October. Can't wait!


Yes, there is going to be a Doctor who 50th anniversary movie--IN 3D!! It will be hitting the Cinemas and airing on TV!

Most of you that are reading are probably fan-girling as hard as I am.
So, when is this airing? As far as I know this will be airing in fall November 23, 2013! But it's worth the wait!

If you're a fan of the old generation of Doctor who, here's good new! The Zygons will be returning in the 50th anniversary! For those, who don't know what Zygons are they are shape-shifting aliens which were featured in the Tom Baker Christmas episode ( Terror of the Zygons ). Well, not only that David Tennant, and Billie Piper will be returning in this blockbuster!! >.< ( *fangirl scream* )

Wait there's more! Are you ready? This literally made me have a heart attack!! The Royal mail will be launching limited edition DOCTOR WHO STAMPS!!! Wahh! I wished I lived in the UK!
Well that's enough fangirling today!! For more info of the 50th anniversary movie click the following link >

Another mystery found in S07 EP06! ( Doctor who )

Wow! Another big hint/mystery found in Doctor who.

Have you noticed in Clara's 101 places to go, two numbers of her age is missing? Ages 16 and 23 are missing! It must of been when her life was in two different time streams, like in the Christmas special of the evil snowman ( age 23 ), and the Asylum of the Daleks ( age 16 ). Have any other theories? Leave in the comments below! ^_^

Suspicious book found in Doctor who...

Is it just me or is this really suspicious?

I can't believe this book was written by Amy!! And is it just a coincidence that those two boys in the background look like Sherlock and Watson.... What are you up to Moffat?

A coincidence in Doctor who S07 EP06...

Has any one noticed this on the TARDIS?

'St. John Ambulance', Hmm where have I heard this from?

Of course! S07 EP06 'The Bells of Saint John are ringing'. Wow! This was such a coincidence! It was like fate the Doctor meeting Clara! I'm still wondering who was the woman who gave Clara Doctor's phone number...