Friday, 14 June 2013

Movie Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness, Man of Steel*, Iron man 3, and more!

    Wow! I haven't been on in a while because of recent events, but I during the long period of time that I didn't post in, I've watched several movies, read teen-girly books, and currently reading sci-fi, fantasy novels.

    I have watched Iron man 3, Star Trek: Into the Darkness, The Internship, Now you see me, The Host, soon-to-be-watched: Man of Steel tomorrow, yay!

    Well just to point out my movie reviews won't be very long, but it will be brief.  And I was supposed to watch After Earth, 3 or 2 weeks ago? I decided to no watch that in theaters maybe, because of the really, REALLY bad reviews they got. So, I'm trusting the critics!
Anyway, here I go! ( **Oops! Reviews may contain spoilers!** )

Iron man 3:

This movie deserved a 5.4 out of 10 stars. I am no professional critic, but it's just my personal opinion. To start off, it was predictable, but I didn't know what to expect from Iron man. I wasn't really surprised for the movie to be predictable. Anyway, it was boring! The concept where they find out the Mandarin wasn't really the Mandarin! ( Okay, maybe the movie was predictable after that point ). I think they could of improved this movie by actually maybe following the comic a teensy bit, where the Mandarin was all those cool, awesome rings! Personally speaking, Iron man is my least, least, LEAST favorite superhero! Maybe that's why I didn't enjoy the movie as much. Overall, it was meh.

Star Trek: Into the Darkness:

Okay now this is the movie I was waiting for, FOR WEEKS!! It was EXTRAORDINARY, and FANTASTIC!! My ratings: 9.7 out of 10 stars! This movie may have some tiny flaws...
1. I really recommend that you watch the first movie before hand. The people sitting around me in the theater, was lost. For example: a couple sitting in front of me: the woman was like this to her boyfriend. Movie scene: Kirk in the behind the glass, with the hazardous fumes, thingy. Woman: Is this how Kirk loses all his hair?
Me: *double face palm*

_____2. LENS FLARES!! Everywhere, just everywhere! Makes me sick! How can you even see? They added way, way, way too many lens flares, they really need to improve on it!

Those were just the tiny flaws they had, but it was terrific movie! One major thing I was looking forward in the move. 2 words: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!! I was fangirling one I found out he was going to be in it!! There was one part where Spock and Benedict were fighting, and I didn't know which side to cheer for! He was AMAZING in that movie! In conclusion, Star Trek: Into the Darkness was excellent! And I am totally looking forward to watching the next movie!

{ I am going to end this post for now, it took longer than I expected! Maybe, I'll continue tomorrow? }


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