Friday, 5 April 2013

Ninth with Rose!

Honestly, the ninth Doctor wasn't always my favourite Doctor but, I still thinks he deserves credit!

My most favourite episodes with the ninth Doctor is S01 EP06 Dalek, and S01 EP09/EP10 The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances.

S01 EP06 Dalek- With the return of the arch-enemy of the time lords, Daleks I was very touched with this episode. After seeing the abuse, of the Dalek I realized, Daleks are most the adorable aliens in the Galaxy! It was a great introduction of the Daleks, which can make any person absolutely have great fond of the Daleks. The part which really emotional was when, the Dalek realized they were the last 2 of their kind, and when the Dalek had actually true emotions. It was truly heart-breaking with the death of this Dalek. Truly a unforgettable episode.

S01 EP09/EP10 The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances- To be honest this episode really freaked me out, but had a touchy meaning. The freaking part was the scene at the hospital with all the people in a coma, and every part when this creepy kid kept following them... There was also another part which gave me chills up my spine, this part was when ( forgot this kid's name ) was typing on a typewriter, and they didn't even noticed he was gone, typing "Mummy? Where is my Mummy? Are you my Mummy...". This episode was absolutely fantastic! The meaningful moral at the end was a great touch! Every person should have a little love, and know who they are. Very touching..

What I liked mostly about the ninth Doctor was not only those episodes, but his sense of clothing! Most Doctors will wear something like a old grandpa would wear. Unexpectedly, the writers took the Doctor's outfit to a new look. I absolutely love the rebel, bad-boy style, with the leather jacket, and jeans. Although, I think the style of his clothing did not go well with the TARDIS theme kinda. However! It was nice the writers had a changed.

Now moving on to Rose. Rose Tyler the defender of Earth... I love Rose personally! This paring with ninth and Rose wasn't really my favourite... I would actually prefer Rose with Tennant, and Martha with Ninth. Well I will actually talk about that in my next post. Rose was very clever, smart, pretty, she was just your average woman with nothing to do after high school . Until she met the Doctor. What I really liked about Rose was she didn't react franticly unlike Donna, or Clara. She very easy going, funny, with a bright personality! Although she could need a little more spunk like Clara! Meanwhile Rose's boyfriend, Mickey was absolutely the WORST, ANNOYING boyfriend ever! Ugh i just wanted him to disappear! Well not really, I just wanted him to break up with Rose, he was funny ( in a dumbfounded way ) To begin with, he was a scared, and acting like a baby! I just love this quote from him this makes me LOL so much! It went something like this I don't really remember It's him!It's the Doctor! I'ts always the Doctor! It's never me!

To put in briefly this my thoughts about the ninth Doctor with his companion Rose Tyler. My next post will most likely be about the Tenth and Rose. ^_^ Enjoy! Only 1 more day until a new Doctor who episode!

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  1. Nice.. "Mummy... are you my Mummy?" .. lol
    i like that part