Saturday, 6 April 2013

Tenth and Rose Tyler!

  Oh my, my where do I even start!? Okay, I absolutely love, love, love Rose and Tenth together, they are so lovely together and make the best companion and Doctor together!! They are my favourite but I can't tell which is actually my favourite Clara and Eleventh, or Rose and Tenth??? Wahh! I'll post that in a few post when I write about Clara and Eleventh...

  Now let's get to this! My favourite episode is  S02 EP12/EP13 Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday. The reason I chose only one episode was I just have so much to say about that one episode, also I have a lot to say about Tenth, as well as Rose.

  S02 EP12/EP13 Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday I have to say this is a AMAZING, heart-breaking episode, write by Russell T. Davies. This episode was about unexpectedly return, and invasion of the Daleks, and Cybermen. So basically, the Daleks, and Cybermen were have a BIG war between them. There was this really hilarious part, when the Daleks dissed the Cybermen so hard, I just LOLed so much!
(( Dalek )) "You are only superior of us in one way respect, dying" 

Okay, okay I'm just going to end this post because I've been like raging, I mean raging!! Because I just finished this super-long post, saved it, then my Mac just restarted, and when I go to the drafts it's just not there!! Ughh!! I'm so crossed!! >.< It took me two days to write that, TWO WHOLE DAYS! I'll finish this later... Hopefully. Be sure to check back to this blog for my next post about the latest Doctor who episode ( S07 EP07 The rings of Akhaten ), and one of my new favourite TV show, made by BBC. Laters

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